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  Does your custom blender...
Have 25 years experience?
Barcode all products?
Date code all products?
Use instruction labels?
Use double wall boxes?
Supply new heavy duty skids?
Private label?
Use sterilized herbs and spices?
Provide on site R & D work?
Provide formulation at no cost?
Provide 24 hour emergency service?
Supply finished goods/shelf tests?
Use just in time inventory for freshest ingredients?
Test incoming raw materials?
Use only equipment designed for food preparation?
Blend only food products?
Company officers service national accounts?
Have HACCP Accredidation?
Package from 4 ounces to 44,000-pound tankers?
Commitment excellence program?
Exercise optimal raw materials storage?
Provide finished goods storage?
Make seasonal changes to raw materials?
Have a Superior Rating by AIB Association for the last decade?

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