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Blendex is custom blending beverage mixes in a variety of intriguing types and flavors. The new products have many uses in the beverage and food service industries.

Items include: Cappuccino, Cocktail, Tea, Hot Beverage, Cocoa, Mocha, Punch, and Slushie Mixes, all in ready to use powder form. To compliment these mixes, colored salts and sugars can be blended too.

The colored salt can add a truly festive touch to drinks such as margaritas, where the rim of the glass is traditionally coated with salt crystals. Colored sugar, likewise, can dress up daiquiri glasses.

The colored products have a practical side, too. They show up better on most foods, so a person can more easily see, for example, how much salt he or she is adding to the potatoes or corn.

Many custom colors are available, such as Sunset Red, Tropical Green, Mediterranean Blue, Sunburst Yellow, and Fresh Orange.

Also available, is a special Bloody Mary seasoning that can be custom blended to turn tomato juice into a mixer or use it for the rim of the glass for extra zest.

Flavored sugars are perfect for those treats that require a sweet base or flavor. They can be used for candy and cookies, frosting and glazes, flavored drinks, or sprinkling on french toast, pancakes or waffles.

Food service establishments can create a fun atmosphere in their children's and dessert menus by mixing different colors and flavors for exotic entrees.

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