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The Blendex Company was founded in 1975 and was incorporated on January 31, 1979. In 1981, Eugene A. Pottinger, then Executive Vice President of the founding company, purchased the Blendex Company and moved the operation to Plantside Drive in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1984, Blendex built a new building in which they still reside located at 11208 Electron Drive in Louisville.

Additional Facts
In October 1986, the building was expanded to 44,000 square feet. Bulk Silos were added in 1989. A bulk oil tank was added in 1992 with two additional silos being installed in the fall of 1992.

In March 1992, an adjacent building consisting of 10,000 square feet and several acres were purchased.

In January 1995, the building was expanded to 76,000 square feet and another bulk oil tank was added.

In July 1998, another adjacent building consisting of 20,000 square feet and several acres were purchased.

In September 1998, 4 acres plus adjacent parcel was purchased for further expansion needs.

In January 2003, dust control systems were installed for blending rooms.

In December 2003, an additional 10,000 square feet warehouse was constructed for raw material storage.

In March 2004, climate control systems were installed for blending rooms.

The Blendex Company has a product line of over two hundred dry food products consisting of:
  Spice mixes
Breading mixes
Drink mixes
Mixes for biscuits
   pancakes, waffles
BBQ rubs
Private Labels

The Blendex Company distributes its products through regional distribution warehouses for sale to restaurants and fast food outlets. Blendex International, a subsidiary of the Blendex Company, was incorporated in 1983 for sales to national accounts and food processors.

Because of its longtime commitment to quality, consistency, value and performance the Blendex Company uses only the highest quality of bacteria reduced herbs, spices and other ingredients.

Production facilities at the Blendex Company employ “just-in-time” production with delivery of the right material at the right time in the right amount. This allows the freshest, highest quality and consistent products to be produced.

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