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The Blendex Commitment to Excellence
Above all, we are committed to our customers. If our customers succeed, we succeed. If our customers fail, we fail.

We deliver what we promise, admit when we can't and are ready to change when necessary.

Commitment is our word we're going to do something, and our word is held in the highest esteem of whomever we give it to. Blendex Company's commitment to Total Quality

Blendex Quality Statement
Total Quality Management is our entire manufacturing philosophy; it defines, meets and exceeds our customer's needs with defect-free products and services.

It involves every employee with an active role in quality control and constant improvement, as well as close cooperation with all suppliers for superior materials. This commitment will guarantee and maintain our position as a quality leader in our industry.

Code of Ethics
  Use quality materials and price our products fairly
Continue to re-evaluate our products
Employ persons who are honest and have integrity
Beware of complacency - Always look ahead
Respect our customers
Always be proud to sell our products

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