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January 2015

Louisville Business First Article


Years in current job: 29

Years in the manufacturing field: 35

Education: Associate's degree in computer electronics from Eastern Kentucky University; bachelor's degree in business from Bellarmine University

Favorite movie or TV show: "Justified"

What energizes you: "Encouraging others to believe in the adage, 'You are what you think about most.'"

Why did you choose your line of work?

"Out of college, I pursued a technical career with a large corporation in sales and service. My family has always been in the manufacturing business. After a few years, I was persuaded to come work for the family business with the guise of short work days, long vacations and great wealth. I fell for that one hook, line and sinker."

What is the most exciting or engaging aspect of working in manufacturing?

"There is never a dull day. As customer tastes and needs are ever-changing, so are manufacturing challenges. Competition, regulation, taxation, raw material and energy costs force us do more, to do it better, faster and to do it for less. When you beat all these factors, it is very rewarding to still make a great product, make the customer happy and take care of the people working for you.'

What is most daunting about your work?

"Finding good people to employ. It seems finding skilled workers with a good work ethic has become a monumental task. They won't show up or be on time for work, won't take any responsibility or only work a few days and quit. We spend so much time hiring and then training new employees due to increased regulations in our industry now. The food manufacturing business is a very competitive and low-margin business — this problem just erodes profits terribl

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