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Blendex celebrates 30 years

January 12, 2009

Thirty years ago this week , back in 1979, when the cost of a first-class stamp was just 15 cents and life expectancy in the U.S. was 73.9 years, Blendex Company was founded and incorporated with the introduction of unique batters and breadings for the foodservice industry. Its parent company made chicken fryers and other restaurant equipment.  In Jan 1979, Gene Pottinger and several  employees left its founding company to create a high quality supplier to the food industry.

He established this company because he was frustrated with the level of service he had seen from other companies, and wanted to create a different type of company - the kind he wanted to do business with when he was in the fryer business. So he created a company that puts customers first, responds to and protects the confidentiality relationship, has high integrity to do the right thing and provides a quality product for a good value, and treats its own team members even better.

These were the core business tenets for Blendex 1979 and, 30 years later, remain the core business tenets for all Blendex business holdings today.  

Ron W. Pottinger,  CEO

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